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Six in the Beauvoir  2019

Six in the Beauvoir” is a contemporary dance film that enacts a site-specific performance in which performers interact with the urban space, engendering a dialogue between movement and architecture.The short film is centered in a specific area of London known as “The Beauvoir Town,” which is of particular interest due to its process of gentrification and redevelopment. When I decided to approach the concept of urban space through movement,I was strongly inspired by the postmodern dance of the 1960s, when choreographers such as Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer questioned the relationship between space, humans, and the city. Consequently, I began by meticulously documenting the mapping of the area while developing a choreography inspired by the architecture.
By observing every detail, including the architecture, gestures, and daily habits of the residents, I then went to the framing with my video camera