Commercial Work









Rea Art Fair 2023
Nettuno: Birth of a Shell

Installation of a 16mm videoart film during the fourth edition of Rea - the international contemporary art fair dedicated to emerging artists. The fair takes place each year at Fabbrica del Vapore in the city of Milano. The installation implied the use of a rear projection on a screen 3x3m in a complete darkened room, inside the hangar exhibition space.

Care-of 2023
Exhibit & Performance

The installation was designed with various foam layers of different shapes and patterns, surrounded by a streams of colorful cables. A barco tv screen is displayed at the back. The installation was designed according to the performance opera. The interactive artwork indeed, shows a set of childhood nostalgic objects, made playable via a midi systhem, thus allowing the performer to compose music through touch. The inpunts made by the sound modifies a 3D video image encaplsuted in the tv screen. 
The performer sits on the foreground block of foams, which roughly remids of a deconstructed children playground. The audience can lay down in the other bed of foam, listening to the composed music with headphones. 

Red Shoes 2023
Digital Exhibit
A Three syncronised channel installation from one of my recent dance films “Red shoes”. The installation was designed to be situated in a hangar exhibtion space. The screens are meant to be with a black tulle material that could be rear projected and situated inside a complete dark area. In this way the dancers are like suspended in space, appearing from the obscured backgorund, creating a hologram and immersive effects for the viewer.