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Nettuno 2023

Neptune: Birth of a Shell (2023)" deal narrates the encounter between the artist and the protagonist: a youth of androgynous beauty, undefined and free from social and gender constraints. Throughout the duration of the video, Neptune moves within ritualistic gestures of great expressive intensity in an undefined space-time. "In the film," the artist explains, "I want to represent the idea of queerness as something linked to a post-human utopia that has shattered the concept of a crystallized human condition in favor of the ability to give birth to new identities.

The body is just a shell to be abandoned for a new one; when the inner self feels constrained by societal, gender, temporal, and spatial limitations." These words convey the meaning of the element mentioned in the title of the work: the shell. Inspired by the writings of Paul Valery ("Homme Et la Coquille") and Josè Munoz ("Cruising Utopia"), the artist uses this object as a metaphor for Neptune's body.

The shell, derived from mollusks, is the perfect casing for these creatures in constant transformation and metamorphosis. Thus, the work represents the eternal beauty of reconfiguration.